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In the morning-time.

An introduction. We are meeting someone for the first time.
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"You aren't from Paris, are you?"
"No, from Vernon. But you don't have the Parisian look about you, yourself?"
"Ah, no. I'm from the South, originally. Bordeaux. I'm here attending university. What about yourself?"
"For the most part, I'm a student, also. I work in shops, too, though. My parents don't pay the fees. It seems curiously expensive when I must work for it every day of the week before and after classes." A laugh.
"Yes, I can only imagine." Raphael laughs. But then, the truth of his statement makes him feel suddenly awkward. He has never wanted for anything.
"It's tiring, but I'm used to it now." And Samuel has never wanted everything. What a contrast.