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You may say that I'm a dreamer.

To-day is Ash Wednesday. What have we given up?
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What calendar are you using? Mine says Ash Wednesday was Feb 9th.
Hem, it's Ash Wednesday is Enjolras!land. I'm using an Edward Gorey calender informing that I'm about two weeks late in normal time, though.
That's scary. All mine just use my calendar. *grins*
Obviously, yours are sensible. Mine are still coming to terms with that characteristic.
If only...

One is quite mad, although he wouldn't agree with me. One is melancholy, and the other is as close to normal as it is possible to get and still live in my headspace.

But they do agree with me on the subject of calendars.
Perhaps these calender-proper Enjolrases could be persuaded, mad, melancholy, and normal as they are, to play in the community sandbox for a while? I ask as mere formality, of course, but if they were willing, I could meet them with calender-ignorant Enjolrases of all the same kinds.
They and their invisible cohorts are trying to get LJs. I'll try to get them to show up properly soonish.

When I am not dizzy.
Most assuredly. Thank you very much, and I do give them and their cohorts the best of luck.